CASEQ (kay-sek) Technologies makes it profitable for breweries and distilleries to minimize their carbon dioxide waste. Every molecule of alcohol produced during fermentation is accompanied by a molecule of CO2. We help the "long tail" of craft brewing (annual production of 10,000 - 150,000 bbls) reclaim and reuse this CO2 byproduct.

We leveraged our deep understanding of the brewer's process and pains to develop technology from the ground-up that alleviates those pains and augments their process. We traverse industries like aerospace, biotech, and coatings to bring you the most energy- and cost-efficient system wrapped in elegance and simplicity. All of this with a singular drive towards an emotion that transcends functionality -- to see our customers truly ENJOY using our system and becoming better stewards of sustainability: for their employees, environment, and earnings.

These are the core values by which our team operates:

  • Be TRUE, not nice

  • Practice BALANCE in emotion, health and life

  • QUESTION the existence of the norm

  • Draw INSPIRATION from the unfamiliar

  • Settle for nothing less than “IT IS GOOD”: in your product, service, and impact

  • Be a good STEWARD: of your team, your customer and your world

  • Create OPPORTUNITIES,  provide opportunities

  • Learn to number your DAYS for tomorrow is not guaranteed

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