Science is Magic that works.
— Kurt Vonnegut

The CASEQ Magic

Our system comprises two main stages --  
Stage1: harvesting, separating, and purifying CO2
Stage 2: liquefying, storing and reusing CO2


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We provide customized plumbing to connect each fermenter to the system. Each part is uniquely selected or fabricated to allow foam, liquids, and gases to pass through without temporal buildup. Our solution is CIP-ready allowing fermentation and cleaning to occur simultaneously.


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Our foam trap which takes advantage of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is designed to separate foam, liquids and organisms from the gas mixture (CO2 + VOCs).

  • save on design, sourcing and fabrication time
  • minimize water use
  • maintain a small footprint
  • eliminate foam issues
  • increase beer production by utilizing more of your fermenter capacity
  • significantly reduced cleanup effort and time


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We leverage condensation mechanics to purify CO2 to 99.9% purity.